Journal Entry, 12/17/12

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  • ARTIST: Joseph Arthur
  • SONG: Honey And The Moon
  • ALBUM: Redemption's Son
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Honey and the Moon || Joseph Arthur
Don’t know why I’m still afraid
If you weren’t real I would make you up

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Anonymous asked
Just want to reiterate how much I love this RP; you and your partner play Quinntana flawlessly. Also, your taste in music is godly.

ooc: Thank you! We really do love your encouragement. :)

  • ARTIST: Glee Cast
  • SONG: Homeward Bound / Home
  • ALBUM: Glee: The Music Season 4, Volume 1
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Homeward Bound / Home || Glee Club

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we are most definitely set.

wonder if I can classify black friday shopping as an emergency for credit card purposes?

I fully plan on maxing out my mother’s guilt money credit card today- so I think you can spend a little on your card as well. ;) 

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I have charts! and maybe a spreadsheet.

And I have GPS on my phone to find the quickest routes from store to store!

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I can’t imagine trying to keep these many people in order- I can hardly keep Santana in line!

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Post-parade madness. Even though we couldn’t see all that much from the street, just being there was pretty thrilling. The city was humming with excitement, and that alone excited me. Now to take a nap and plan our attack for tomorrow’s shopping adventure!

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Text || Quinn & Kitty

  • Kitty: So you think I should stop talking to her?... I don't know if I can do that.
  • Quinn: No, but I think you should back off. Let her come to you when she's ready. When it doesn't hurt as much to be around you.
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Text || Quinn & Kitty

  • Kitty: ... I don't know what to do any more. I keep messing things up.
  • Kitty: I can't believe I'm coming to you for advice...
  • Quinn: I know too well what you mean... but no matter what we're feeling, I think we have to do what's right- whatever is going to hurt them the least, even if it hurts us most in the process.
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Text || Quinn & Kitty

  • Quinn: Kitty, you can't keep doing this to her. You can't love her, then break up with her, then post sappy songs about loving her. She's really hurting. And hurting isn't a form of love.
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Text || Quinn & Marley

  • Marley: Quite possibly.
  • Marley: Amanda and I are just finishing up shopping and uh, I'm going to be hanging out with a.. Uh... Friend for a bit tonight. I can come over once I'm done hanging out with them?
  • Quinn: Amanda? New lady in your life? :P
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Text || Quinn & Marley

  • Marley: Oh.... Oh my goodness. I am hugging you once I see you. Just saying.
  • Quinn: A pity hug, I'm sure.
  • Quinn: When will I get to see you anyway? I was thinking about seeing if you could come over and visit with us tonight at Rach and Kurt's... are you busy?
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Text || Quinn & Marley

  • Marley: I promise I won't think less of you. Now the laughter, I can't promise that.
  • Quinn: Ugh. Well you might as well laugh. I deserve it. I thought it would be... ironic... to get a Ryan Seacrest tattoo. Later I found out 'idiotic' was a better term.
06:16PM ◔ 13

Text || Quinn & Marley

  • Marley: Gosh? C'mon Quinniee. I wanna knowwww.
  • Quinn: You're going to laugh at me... and think less of me.
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