• ARTIST: Joseph Arthur
  • SONG: Honey And The Moon
  • ALBUM: Redemption's Son
  • 19 plays
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Honey and the Moon || Joseph Arthur
Don’t know why I’m still afraid
If you weren’t real I would make you up

13/12/12 ◔ 6

Honey and the Moon || Quinn & Rachel

  • TAGGING → Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry
  • LOCATION → Text messages
  • TIME FRAME → Thursday afternoon, December 6th, 2012
  • GENERAL NOTES → Quinn texts Rachel with a few things on her mind.

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10:16PM ◔ 1

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. || Quinn and Rachel

  • TAGGING → Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry
  • LOCATION → Quinn’s dorm room
  • TIME FRAME → Friday night, November 30th, 2012
  • GENERAL NOTES → After not havaing talked to Santana in over a week, Quinn has Rachel over at Yale for the weekend to cheer herself up, and Friday night they watch a movie.

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08/12/12 ◔ 1

text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: I'll look forward to seeing you. I can skip the workshop on friday morning and leave tomorrow evening if you like. Or see you friday afternoon. Just let me know.
  • Quinn: Normally I'd probably tell you not to skip class.... but tomorrow would be perfect if you can do it.
05/12/12 ◔ 16
Anonymous asked
=[ You have made a very sad anon but good luck with your Faberry.

ooc: Sorry! And thanks! I think this partner is much more willing to RP with me, so it should be fun. :)


text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: okay. XD
  • Rachel: I actually can't wait to see you. I've missed you.
  • Quinn: Mm, yes. It will be fun.
10:07PM ◔ 16

text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: Quinn... We agreed to be friends, didn't we? And while I have never been the best friend, I'm pretty sure this falls in the let's talk about it category.
  • Rachel: If you don't want to talk about it, I understand that. And we can leave it alone. I'll come over this weekend and you can show me the campus, watch movies, do sleepover things.
  • Quinn: Let's just look forward to this weekend then, okay? :)
09:57PM ◔ 16

text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: This seems quite the opposite of Thanksgiving weekend (mostly)
  • Rachel: Do you want to talk about it?
  • Quinn: I shouldn't really talk about it with you, I think... It's not very fair to you.
09:45PM ◔ 16

text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: Quinn ....
  • Rachel: did something happen?
  • Quinn: I don't know... It's just... not what I thought it would be, I guess.
09:39PM ◔ 16

text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: what? why? what happened?
  • Quinn: I'm just unhappy.
09:32PM ◔ 16

The Sound of Settling || Quinn & Santana

  • TAGGING → Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez
  • LOCATION → Quinn’s room in Lima, last day before they both return to school after break
  • TIME FRAME → Sunday, November 25th, 2012
  • GENERAL NOTES → Quinn and Santana spend time alone together before returning to Yale and Louisville, respectively.

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text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: So I can annoy train passengers by humming my choral class project and come visit?
  • Rachel: Will I need to worry about my vocal chords being damaged by Santana?
  • Quinn: Santana and I are... kind of giving each other a cold shoulder right now.
09:20PM ◔ 16

text || Quinn & Rachel

  • Rachel: hey, Quinn. do you have any big plans this weekend? I seem to have a Metro Pass that is getting lonely on my dresser....
  • Quinn: I have a paper due next week, but I'm already nearly finished, so I should be free.
07:44PM ◔ 16

Dance class



Dance with me?

I’d dance circles around you, Berry.

04/12/12 ◔ 2

Where My Love Lies Waiting || Quinn & Rachel

  • TAGGING → Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry
  • TIME FRAME → Wednesday, November 21th, 2012
  • GENERAL NOTES → While visiting Rachel in NYC for Thanksgiving break, Quinn and Rachel argue after Quinn makes it apparent she and Santana had “relations” in Rachel’s shower.

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08:23PM ◔ 1